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About covermybusinesstrip.co.uk

Q - Who are covermybusinesstrip.co.uk?
A – Covermybusinesstrip.co.uk is a domain name of Blue Insurance Limited, who are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Travel Insurance. Blue Insurance Limited are based in 1 Neptune Court, Vanguard Way, Cardiff, CF24 5PJ. Blue Insurance Limited are authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for UK Business.

Cover questions

Q – What does my policy cover?

Category Category Definition Effective Time / Journey Code
Travel A All Directors of the policyholder resident in the United Kingdom J14 – Business or Holiday travel
Any Trip made for Business or holiday purposes
Travel B Any Person employed by or under contract to the Policyholder resident in the United Kingdom J12 – All Business travel (including incidental holiday travel)
Any trip made primarily for Business purposes, including incidental holiday travel
Variable Injury Benefit
Category 1.
Permanent Total
U) 'Usual'
A) 'Any'
Disabling Injuries:
A) 'Any Injury'
S) 'Specified'
Temporary Total
(per week)
(per week)
Travel A GBP 50,000 U GBP 50,000 S GBP 50,000 Not Insured Not Insured
Travel B GBP 50,000 U GBP 50,000 S GBP 50,000 Not Insured Not Insured
*Permanent Total Disablement benefit will apply only to those in remunerated employment. For those in non-remunerated employment cover under Permanent Disabling Injuries resulting in 'Specified Injury' will apply automatically.
Aggregate Limits Maximum Limits per Insured Person
1. Per Event overall GBP 5 Million Items 1, 2 or 3 GBP 50,000
2. Per Event for Insured Persons whilst travelling in any multi-engine aircraft GBP 2 Million Child – Death benefit GBP 20,000
3. Per Event for Insured Persons whilst travelling in any aerial device other than a multi-engine aircraft GBP 1 Million Insured Persons aged 75 or over – Death, Loss of limb and Loss of sight benefits GBP 25,000
3. Per Event for Insured Persons whilst travelling in any aerial device other than a multi-engine aircraft GBP 1 Million Under item 1 to 5 inclusive GBP 2,500,000

Policy arrangements

Q – Who is insured by the policy
A - All Directors and Employees of the company are insured by the policy. It is also important that each insured person has reviewed and understood the terms of the policy.

Q - Do I have to pay medical expenses and claim them back or will you pay them directly?
A - If it’s a medical emergency and you are admitted to hospital our emergency assistance service (Emergency Assistance + 44 203 362 2403) will guarantee the fees of the hospital and attending doctor (s) - so you don’t have to pay. In cases where the expenses are small, you may opt to pay, or be asked to pay, and claim the money back. Please talk to our emergency assistance service, unless the case is very minor, and they will decide what to do.

Q – What is the name of the Assistance Company and when should I call them?
A - Emergency Assistance Emergency Assistance Service can be contacted on + 44 203 362 2403. Always contact the Emergency Assistance first in the event of inpatient medical treatment or if you wish to curtail home from a trip.

Treatment in Australia

Q - What should I do if I require medical treatment in Australia?
A - The Australian Government has signed Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with the government of United Kingdom. As a resident of United Kingdom you are entitled to free treatment as a public in-patient or outpatient at a public hospital and access to subsidised medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme during your visit to Australia. This covers any ill health or injury needing medical treatment while in Australia. To access these benefits you should show your passport at hospitals or pharmacies.
If you require medical treatment in Australia you must access these benefits by showing your passport at hospitals or pharmacies. If you do not, we may reject your claim or reduce the amount we pay to you.

Business and/or personal trips

Q - Are staff covered for personal holiday trips?
A - Directors (other than non Executive) and their accompanying spouse and children are covered by this policy for personal holiday trips but employees are not.

Q - Are Director or Employees covered to extend the business trip with a few days holiday?
A - The primary purpose of your trip must be for business. But you may choose to include leisure travel during your trip. Remember our cover is primarily designed for business travel - so it may not extend to cover all the specific costs/risks associated with your pleasure activities. You should check the policy wording before purchasing. For just holiday insurance check out www.multitrip.com

Excluded Trades

Q - Are there any trades that cannot be covered by this policy?
A - Yes. You cannot buy this policy if your company business is any of the following trades:

  • Construction (e.g. jobbing builders, maintenance companies, groundwork contractors, bricklayers, roofers, road layers, motorway maintenance and tunnel/pipe/cable layers);
  • Foundry/Steelworks (i.e. involved in the manufacture of raw materials);
  • Window Cleaners (domestic and commercial);
  • Forestry/Sawmill;
  • Mining (both open-cast mining and quarrying);
  • Police/Fire & Ambulance Services;
  • Professional Sportspeople and Entertainers (where your livelihood depends on you being able to participate in sports, athletics or entertainment);
  • Abattoirs & Slaughter Houses;
  • Aircrew;
  • Agricultural & Horticultural Work;
  • Farming & Fish Farming;
  • Trawler Men/Women;
  • Media Groups.


Q - I am not English but live and work in United Kingdom, can I purchase a policy cover?
A - Yes, provided you have been permanently resident in United Kingdom for the past 6 months at the time of issue of the policy.

Age Limit

Q - What is the maximum age limit of an insured on this policy?
A - The maximum age limit is 85 years.

Trip Duration

This policy allows a maximum trip duration on any one trip of up to 31 days.

Medical Conditions

Q - I have a medical condition, can I be covered?
A - Before you buy a policy, we ask you to confirm that you are NOT

  • receiving or on a waiting list for treatment in a hospital or nursing home
  • travelling against the advice of a medically qualified doctor
  • travelling for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment
  • travelling after being given a terminal prognosis
If you can confirm all these points you can buy our cover online

Making a claim

Q - How do I make a claim?
A - You can make a claim by calling the Emergency Assistance Travel Claims on 0203 362 2424.


Q - How can I make a complaint?
A - If the complaint is in relation to your policy please contact covermybusinesstrip.co.uk on Tel 0333 355 6185.
If your complaint is in relation to a claim on your policy please contact the Emergency Assistance Travel claims on Tel 0203 362 2423.